Revolutionize the legal management
of Over-the-Counter Derivatives

by harnessing the positive elements of Blockchain, without the disruption.

What Smartivative does

How it works

Smartivative executes International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) Agreements by using smart contracts on Blockchain to increase accuracy and transparency, efficiency in automation and ensure less misinterpretation. This is accomplished through a translation of legal requirements and compliance needs into software code and invoked by oracles on blockchain.

Smartivative as a tool for OTC Management

Smartivative simplifies monitoring portfolios of derivatives allowing an aggregate view of risks and exposures.

Smartivative BOT discerns the rights and duties between the parties. Smartivative can help in reducing the impact of events of default, termination events, managing also cross default, specified transactions and force majeure events.

Cost Reduction

Operations, Risk, Compliance, Provisions


Improvement of Competitiveness, Transparency, Fairness

Who We Are

  • Smartivative is a product of Superflat SA, a Swiss company in the FinTech / RegTech industry.
  • The seed project for Smartivative was awarded multiple grants for innovation from Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency).
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